April 26, 2009


Gotta go to work for my second "twerve" hour shift. Feels odd though. It's been warm out and I've been burning up!

Started writing more often, though I really should do something on here from time to time.

Been listening to "Coast to Coast AM" lately. Wow. Some preeeeeeetty wacky folks on there. The worst part is that some of them have some interesting stories, until they get to the way out "I'm actually a reincarnated version of my future self sent back in time and my spirit actually comes from this city on another planet where there are 12 tribes (which sound suspiciously like Christian names but with reworking) and harmony! We get there after the earth goes to hell and we are sent here to fix the errors of our past so that the future we're a part of isn't erased by the potential mistakes that would've been made if we weren't here!"

Insert time paradox loop here. Of course, that's explained away by use of "parallel dimensions". It becomes "Wellllll it's not exactly the future, but it won't happen unless we make things happen this way." Soooo they're fudging with the past to create a future that may or may not exist in a parallel universe to create a future that may or may not be in the cards for this particular timeline, thereby potentially fucking up our time line and causing a cataclysmic rift in space time, due to their errantly messing with other parallel universes.

Go ahead. Wrap your head around that one. Anyways, it's just some fun mental gymnastics for me. Keeps me amused at work.

Of I go then!



  1. Sounds like they read the script for the current Star Trek. This Star Trek is structured to allow all the others not to happen because it starts Kirk and co. off in another time line.

    Dr. Who writers say "we can never be in conflict since we can always change what has happened in the past and what will happen in the future".

    Time travel as a plot device and perhaps reality (for some) on Coast to Coast.

  2. Sounds like they're schizophrenic. :P

  3. Too bad I can't listen to that, but my head may explode if I do.