April 05, 2010

Oekaki tte nan desu ka?

Oekaki (お絵描き) literally means "sketch" or "drawing" in Japanese. Oekaki when it is referring to the internet is basically drawing in pixels, usually done by a graphics program on the web server/website itself, uploaded to BBS and then posted along with other users oekaki. It is very popular.

I wanted to find something like Conceptart.org (which I don't I go to) and CGHub, but in Japanese language and found a website called "Pixiv" which basically, is a Japanese equivalent of Deviant art. I registered and looked at the bottom of the site and noticed there was a Pixiv chat function. Curious about this, I clicked such a link, and found myself in front of a page with basically live oekaki paint sections. So you can walk into these rooms and while you paint, you can chat with users. I think this is a big plus for me, not only because I can talk to people abroad, but I can use/study my Japanese while working on my color theory/painting skills at the same time. So yes... Oekaki.. (The bunny car is mine btw)







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