June 05, 2010

Art Update: "Inks, sketches, etc..." and some news!

I bought a domain and hosting space via 1&1 a very good hosting site I've used before and that Albert also uses for his oldastroworld.com domain.

The address is afteramberstudios.com but I have yet to make the page itself yet. Right now there is just a Splash page, so I will update later. Blogger gives you the option to host on your own website, so more than likely I will move it there. Hopefully it's not an incredible pain.

Here are my latest updates.




I've been experimenting with ink again. I used to use it for a lot of things and I forgot how useful it is for creating quick and expressive thumbnails. Especially when it relates to creating a whole painting... it can be really useful to scan in and blow up at a high DPI to use as a template for something. It's also pretty nice to look at in it's simplistic form :)






Working on the logo and splash page for my site. Trying to put down concrete ideas. This is the messy sketch-iness of this complicated thought process. Two scans for horizontal/vertical view



My friend is an aesthetically beautiful person whose picture I took and manipulated. Besides it looking like a haunted house, it looks good I think. I like blurring things and editing it with a layer mask to pull things forward and back. Surrealism is win :) (These are cell phone pictures BTW)



Oh, there's this program called "Fences" by Stardock that I HIGHLY recommend for artists (or anyone really) who need a clean, functional, productive desktop. I got sick of all the icons and having to clean things up. I like the docking capabilities on a Mac desktop, and for some reason I find that less distracting. I might purchase the Pro version of this (It's like $10, dirt cheap) so I can manually create desktop designs to MY liking. I think it's a great motivational thing to have a space that is empowering and works for your workflow. I already have a system for saving/accessing things, but it's difficult to get to them through the standard Windows desktop. This helps tremendously.

Mines still a little messy, but yeah, much better than a sea of icons!


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