June 17, 2009

Old Poems I've Written

The Lesson of Music

To record the movement of time,
To realize these feelings of mine
To feel the changes that have taken place in me,
I have to grow to recognize the heart beating in me

Long ago when tapes were all we had,
We had to rewind over and over to listen,
Now in a time when time is fleeting and short,
Do we take for granted what we have?

I don't write to hear myself think,
Or speak to hear myself speak,
I just use time as wisely as I can,
Because it'll be gone before the next verse

To hear my own ramblings acknowledges I live,
To know I have not given up and I'm still alive,
Without these words in which we've said,
We can't dream of when the next chance will come

To say them again,
Oh how I wish I could say,
I wish I could be there,
When time was a given and was free

Now I'm just writing about me after time went,
Oh how we don't appreciate the gifts we've had,
Until they're long gone and the chapter has closed,
Oh how I wish I could be there singing this modern song

When there is life, there is a will,
But without failure there is no cloud,
No cloud to build our thinking,
No cloud from which to lift us

The Angel said,
As he sang of our song long gone,
Now a fleeting memory in his mind,
Cradled in his arms the Book of Life

The Sun Rains For Me

You know I can't say,
The words that I really mean,
When the world has filtered it

What I do has meaning,
But I can't continue to compromise my fate,
When you haven't been with me

You told me you'd be there,
But my soul says,
That you no longer can be

I worry how you will do without me,
But my heart knows a brighter day,
A brighter day will come

I couldn't have predicted,
Any of the choices we make,
Sometimes we live just to make them

I can't say I'm happy,
About having to do it alone,
But I won't give up either way

I have to walk this way,
It'll be hard,
But I gotta do things my way

I didn't come down here to make it right,
I came here to put an end,
To the things that just cannot continue

To the frown on my face,
To the frowns all around me,
To the voices that ground me

If I had a pillow and a string,
I'd send one your way,
But you wouldn't accept it anyway

Because you want to pull your own strings,
And this is easy to understand,
When you're just floating all by yourself

But please just understand,
That the world will never be the same without you,
And that I have done all that I ever can

My destiny tracks my soul,
Like a grain in the sand,
My tears are what's in my blood

The eyes follow me,
The eyes following are tracking me,
Tracking me as I put one candle out one after another

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