June 03, 2009

So Many Things

Just a brief excerpt from my mind. There's so much more I want to write than this, but if I don't at least throw this out, I'll lose it.

Loraxia came by yesterday! Had a great time! I made awesome-sauce chicken.

I had a short story in mind... I'm actually embarrassed to say what it is, but... The story in Final Fantasy Tactics is so full of political intrigue, backstabbing, double-crosses, deceit, and questions of who is friend or foe that I was considering writing a short story set in that universe. Something where it's either after the end of the events in the game, or some type of alternate ending to the game. It's hard to really describe without giving any spoilers. The game itself is good enough to be a novel.

Had an inspection at work, that was interesting.

I've been interested in and researching Hypnotism in relation to meditation and also the general benefits of hypnosis. The fact that for the past 16 years, the NIH has now confirmed it as a viable therapy method really got my attention considering how taboo it seemed considering all the stage hypnosis that's out there and the BS associated with the real field. I was also surprised at just how many notable psyche Drs, including Sigmund Freud, have actually studied it as well.

Plenty of random stuff to pray/meditate (or at least try to meditate) about. Been reading a few different books slowly. I'm kinda picking up where I left off with some things with unexpected results.

I'm getting used to the food I've been eating lately too I think. Real Deli Meat and Muenster Cheese tastes amazing.

HOLY FUCK THAT LIGHTNING STRIKE WAS AS CLOSE AT THEY GET! That damn thing was literally just across the parking lot and the report was so sharp I almost thought some asshat was outside with a high powered rifle! Sounded like a Mosin Nagant almost, just a little less bassy!

So yep! Off I go!

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