August 06, 2010

Art Update: "Some drawings while I get the website ready..."

I'm sad I haven't moved to the new blog yet, but as soon as it's available, I will pots here and make sure that everyone knows about it. I'll probably add Google friend connection as a widget, so subscribing to that should be exactly the same as how you've subscribed now.

Anyway, here are some finished paintings, some studies, and drawings I've been working on. I finished a sketchbook so some of them are in a new one :) I have several, but I have two that I consistently carry with me. One has smoother paper and I use more for writing and design work but also sketching with a different type of pencil because the lead fits that paper better. I use water soluable pencils on the sketchbook that I usually draw in, but ironically I've never used water... but they take very well to the toothy/texture-ness of the paper. So anyway... Maybe later I will post what I use.

This is a painting I finished for Frank, but I guess also for me. I wish I had gone a little thicker on the paint because I notice the canvas is ever so slightly still visible. But still experimenting so... didn't want to mess anything up. It will go on his wall and it's a still life of his FNP 45 handgun.



I've taken and edited a picture of it in the past if you want to compare the detail:


I might go further with this one, but I like the suggested look. So I kinda feel inclined to leave it alone. From imagination.




Frank washing dishes

Random items around the kitchen

Some figure drawings following loosely with references. The references were nude

Oh yeah I did a suggestive drawing... I forgot about that LOL. Besides the subject matter, they were followed loosely from another reference about figure drawing... just thought I'd have a little fun with it

A perspective study of the front of my house

My bathtub. The fish I caught just to draw in this picture.

Frank lying on the couch. How often do I draw him...?

Random study from a photo of myself

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