August 31, 2010

Art Update: "Mushrooms, Skyscrapers and word sketching"

Not lots to say. "Found" a lot of my old writing (I had it stored away after I blew away my Myspace blog) and decided to reread through it. There's a lot of stuff you learn myself from those, so I've kinda taken some of that energy into consideration lately with my work... particularly with the Baltimore skyline sketch, I am rather cosmopolitan.

There's also some drawings from my yard. We had a random swarm of mushrooms growing in our yard so decided to take my sketchbook out on a nice day and sit in front of them and sketch. I'm getting better at dealing with the grain of the pencils... I do very overly like my smooth smudgy pencils.

This is a personal work, obviously not from real life. The stuff on the sides are incense-esk (not incense) sticks with smoke coming up. This may be a sketch idea for a future painting or an environment I may paint someday


Mushroom sketches from my Super Mario Yard

More gestures of lovely Sam

My frank as always. The glass is made up so not perspectively correct, he said he needed a shot of something in the picture :P

And finally, did this in Baltimore from the 2nd/3rd floor balcony at Barnes N Noble in Baltimore. If you've been to Baltimore Inner Harbor, you know which one. The picture looks a little more sideways in the scan for some reason.

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