February 25, 2009

Beginning conversation

Deb: So we decided to start a blog. We got more serious about the idea when we spent time at Borders today having coffee. Actually, that was an experiment of it's own.

I bring my sketchbook with me almost everywhere I go. We sat down and I had a mocha and he had some really strong french roast thing. I brought a box full of my charcoal pencils, my graphites, my sketching pencils and just starting drawing... next thing you know, we were both doodling.

He's a little self-conscience about the drawing bit, but I showed him that almost anything can be art. Does not matter if you start off bad, but that you enjoy it. Otherwise, what else is the point? And line weight plays a big role in making something looking interesting. If you draw everything with the same line thickness, of course the bad parts will stick out. Line weight adds flavor and interest. I guess that's one reason abstract art is really popular... I'm not that big into abstract, never understood it.

This is the sketch we both enjoyed together:

I made a big mess of my hands while working on that. Charcoal is messy. I started growing out my nails so I could scratch my cat better (seriously). And around the same time I started working in charcoal again and it's hard to get out of your nails. I had mechanic hands when we were close to done and I left some dark puddles in the sink when I went to wash off. I'm sure I got charcoal over my purse. But it'll give me an excuse to buy a better one anyway... (hehe).

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