May 29, 2009

Make it up.

Alrighty. So the past few days have been interesting.

First things first. Went and saw Star Trek with Deb and Amanda a couple nights back. Gotta say, it was a pretty good movie. I usually am very picky about films and stuff, but that one didn't bug me. I was able to suspend disbelief for it. It all seemed feasible. Thank God.

Also, I know I know. "shutup Frank!" But I did love that they put in that omnidirectional forklift! It is a real piece of equipment that, while expensive as hell, is awesome and makes perfect sense for any forklift operations. There it is. Look for it in the background in the scenes while the cadets are being called up for their various assignments and put on shuttles.

The next morning, Deb and I went to Six Flags. Deb had a Season Pass from when Albert was here. My folks got me a season pass as well so that we could go down and run around. Good for getting out and walking around! And when the water park opens, all the better. Great early b-day gift I hadn't considered!

The place was nearly deserted. It was great! No lines at all! We nearly walked onto whatever we wanted to ride. The worst part was probably that the water park won't open until schools are let out. Ah well. We did ride a few coasters and a couple of other water based rides. Got fairly soaked at one point and Deb nearly tossed her nokia into the water at the bottom of the boat thing we were in.

The other cool thing was that we only saw him once, but he was fun to talk to. There was a Marine who certainly didn't look like your typical fighter pilot. When we were getting on the "Batwing" roller coaster that has you laying down in the seat, then flips you over so you're watching the ground as you race around he made mention that strapping in felt just like when he used to fly jets. I asked him what he flew. The immediate response was F-14s. Needless to say we talked about the new F-18s and how they retired the F-14. Pretty cool guy.

Anyways, we had a good time, but I think I slept on my neck wrong the prior night. After a few rides my neck felt stiff and sore. It had a little before we had even got there, but methinks I aggravated it somewhat. God knows it's hurt like a bitch since we got home. After going to bed to rest a bit, then I got the full brunt of it. I can't hardly move my neck aside from small swiveling. Any kind of motion that requires a large use of my left shoulder/neck or stuff like leaning or moving a certain way that requires tensing it is terribly painful. It feels nearly the same as when I was in OC a few years back and Liberty T-boned the fuck outta me going full throttle in a go-kart.

On a completely related note, SNEEZING SUCKS RIGHT NOW! Tenses up every muscle through the neck area and BAM! Jerks the head forward. Feels lovely.

The most amusing part of this was I jokingly told Deb as we left to go to Six Flags was "You know somethings going to happen and I'm gonna get called into work, just because we went out and did something on a Thursday, right?" Well I'll be damned if it didn't happen. Sure enough, when I got home and checked my email, there was one from Marcus asking me to be on station tonight at Roomstore. Good thing we didn't stay at Six Flags more than we did.

Of course, I don't really mind the OT at all. I kind of missed it. Ok I lied. I terribly miss the extra $. But knowing that I'm getting Holiday pay AND I worked Thurs? Mmmmm... That'll be a nice addition to the next check.

I keep forgetting to check out "The Lube Center". Its a oil change place in Columbia. I've seen em around and I'm wondering how they compare to Jiffy lube. I could probably. change the oil on my own, probably, but I don't have the ramps and stuff to do it. That and I'd rather have it so that I could go yell at them if something happened. Supposedly they do a good job though.

I also need to get some distilled water... The engine coolant is right around the L line, so I've gotta get that filled back up as well as the water for the radiator. Maybe I'll go try to do that now...

First things first though. Rent is due in a couple days. So is renters insurance. Gotta get those outta the way.

Gonna get frustrated not being able to do pushups or really jog at all with this neck thing and sitting in the car is uncomfy as all hell too... *grumble* Yea, I hate it. I actually told Deb "So this is how you must feel to a degree, eh?"

Haha. I'm all over the place now, so I'll stop here. Keep me unbored at work. Feel free to text or whatever!

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  1. But I gave you the neck rub of your life, ice, lotion, love and all! It's OK to ask instead of enduring all that pain!