March 05, 2009

Generating Interest


Sometimes I wonder how I could possibly write anything of interest that carries some weight outside of my own little circle of life. Any time I sit down to write something here, I always am wondering what I could say that would have an impact on someone else.

Then I realize by doing that, I'm doing myself a disservice and losing my entire purpose in writing this. By doing that, I'm negating my own views and my opinions which may indeed have an impact after all. Funny how that works.

The past few days have been engaging, as per the usual. Between losing a tire on the car in the parking lot at work again and then losing the donut the next day, I was wondering myself the same thing my father jokingly said about having a magnetic field. So far I've spent over 100 dollars in tires or patches. Amazing, I know, but true. More annoying is that the company apparently doesn't really care about it and hasn't even really responded. In the end, I took the donut off and filled up the original tire with the awesome Green Tire Slime. I've used it before on my tires and seems to be doing a helluva job on this one too. No leaks in that one so far.

In other thoughts, me and an old friend have been thinking of creating a show for the Discovery Channel. This is probably another one of our hair-brained "what if we could" schemes that would be a great experience if we ever were able to achieve it. At the same time, we also realize the likelihood of it getting off the ground. The basic concept is to run a small catamaran around the world with 3 "average" guys living on basic sustenance (think MRE's) and recording the whole thing. We'd also have a net connection and have occasional net chats with the audience as well as work something out with Google where you could use Google Earth to track where we were and where we'd been. We've been discussing the technical feasibility as well as the logistical implications. Of course, there'd be more to it than that, but those are a few of the current ideas kicking around. It is fun to think about, though I'm not sure it'd ever happen. Sure would be exciting if it did though!

For now, I'm waiting for my paycheck to show up in my account via direct deposit so that I can go get some stuff at Wal-mart. I was there with BB yesterday and did a little price shopping. Found a decent jack and some other little necessities I didn't expect to find there. We were surprised when we went by the ammo case there though. Generally when I go they're out of 45 ACP. Go figure. I get a 45 finally and then the world goes ammo crazy because of the political changes. Anyways, the surprising part was that whenever I go by, I check out the 40 SW ammo supply as well, since that's what BB uses. There's always FAR too many boxes on the shelf, so much so that they take it out of its usual slot and put it up top with the extra .22 ammunition. This time, it was ALL gone. All of it. 38, 40, 45, etc. Almost every single standard pistol caliber was completely sold out. Amazing.

We also were looking at this neat thing called "The Perfect Pushup". It's one of those "Seen on TV!" kind of things. BB grabbed the ones that were out of the box off the shelf and started using them. Having seen them before, I asked him how they were and he surprised me. He said they were great! Took the strain off of the wrists as well as engaged more muscles in the shoulders that are usually only used in knuckle pushups. That said, we started looking at some of the other things they had there. Time to do some homework on that stuff. I trust BB completely when it comes to health and fitness stuff. Since his parents have a strong medical knowledge and he himself has spent the past few years really dedicating himself to looking for the best way to take care of himself with supplements, exercise, etc, I have little reason to disbelieve. That and the fact that he certainly has lost some weight over the time I've known him.

It's always interesting talking to BB too, but I'll save that for another time. Same goes for KB, his sister. I've known them both for nearly 10 years now and we've all grown in some way or another. As I said though, that'll be saved for another time.

Deb just woke up and it's time to go get some exercise.

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