March 27, 2009

New Post FAIL


I will admit and take full responsibility for the shame that we have not posted anything new in the past 11 days. It's a disgrace, I tell you!

Now that that's out of the way, I got back from my first of probably many AM jogs this morning. Good lord... What happened to my endurance? I get the feeling that it is there and that the muscle mass hasn't really completely left, but I'm wondering if it's because I'm carrying so much extra weight that I'm not able to keep running/jogging. Much as I hate to say it, it may be a good thing for now. I was reading up on running and all that good stuff on the net.

Apparently if I run too hard or much I'll overstress the joints and possibly damage them. Some of it says to do stuff like riding a bike or light jogging to drop off some of the weight, then start running as the strain on the joints is eased due to less weight being carried.

Even so, I'm aggravated at my lack of "good shape". That and I'm annoyed because now that I went for a run, I feel more awake and Deb has to go to school early for a test.

On a completely different note, I made a vast change to my head that seems to be for the better. By that I mean my hair. There were other things that I've been changing slowly already I think, but I needed something outward to go with it. The exercise, while good, hasn't given me too much of the outward change I'd like to see, so I figured I'd take a step. The other part of it is that if I truly am serious about this police thing, I need to get used to it. Not that I'll have trouble getting used to it, but I do notice that I don't have any extra "fwuffing" around the top of my head. I'll attach a picture for giggles.

On another different note, I was reading about some of the goodies about FN on the FN Forum that I joined not too long ago. I was reading on there that if you send them a nice email, praising them, they would quite possibly email you back asking for your email so they could send you an FNH T-shirt and/or a FNH digital camo ballcap. I'd be quite happy to have either.

Speaking of FN, Katie decided that she wants to go to the pistol range tuesday! While I'm not sure I'd want to start her on the 45, it's not necessarily a bad 45 to start on. Kick is really not all that bad and most anything learned on the 45 can transition downward more easily than upward. At least, so I'm told. I can imagine it though, after having shot a 9MM at one time. Not a fan of the 9, but after shooting a 45, regaining control of the 9MM as well as follow-up shots become much more natural, rather than the flinching from the higher powered round.

That's not to say I'm a FAN of the 9MM round... I've never been terribly pleased with how it felt to fire and I've heard far too many stories of more than 5 or 6 shots being fired and some wacked out insurgent still being more than happy to fight until the drugs wore off. Difference with a 45 has been said by some vets I talked to while I was in the pool biz was that the 45 got someones attention no matter how high they were just for the sheer fact that the size of the hole did make that much difference.

Still... I have been lazily looking at 9MMs for a while for Deb herself and for cheap target shooting. Who knows. Plenty of options! But that's far off when I have a job with enough disposable income to make it easy.

For now, I'm more interested in taking myself to a higher level. It's much slower than I really want, but that's my fault I guess. All the same, I'm hoping that everything clicks into place. With Deb going to school for teaching now and me working toward Law Enforcement, I pray that we'll be able to reach these goals.

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