May 14, 2009

Hello....? Verizon? Hello?

Ugh... So the lines were recently dropped in the area for FIOS. That's wonderful and all, but they only gave us a day or two of notice to completely clear a major closet area. Even that was fine....

No, what bothered me was the hesitant stalking towards my bedroom door by someone I didn't know. What also bothered me was not seeing any of the local maintenance folks with the guy. My first thought was "Who the hell is he?" followed by "Why is he here...?"

I'm sure you can see where this train of thought rolls on...

Sleep has been a rare thing around here lately. One of the neighbors moved out and the carpet had to all be ripped out and replaced. That said, all the slamming and banging that goes along with fresh carpet installation channeled right through the vents and into our room. It need not to have done that though. No, it was plenty loud without the help of the vents.

So here we are at about 10-11 AM every morning for the past couple days and I'm still up. I'm a little bit grouchy and groggy because of that.

On the bright side, at least I get paid today! I may also go to the folks home and get the laundry up and running. Deb's physical school semester is over as well, which means no more deciding if it's worth leaving the college for a couple hour nap in bed or staying in the parking lot. I also went to the Columbia East Branch Library while Deb was in class. They had a couple soccer fields, so I took it upon myself to walk, jog, and sprint around portions of it. It was pretty good and my knees don't really hurt all that much from it, so I guess the therapy exercise I was doing for my knees is having some good.

Poor Samantha... She's freaked out by all the power tools. Bad enough that she wants to get at the birds outside and can't.

I managed to get Company of Heroes installed, as well as the 2 expansions (for free!). The new game modes are pretty entertaining and I can't wait to get to the few additional levels to see what they've done, story-wise. I mean, there isn't much you can do and the game centers on "COMPANY" level maneuvers with SQUAD based Strategy. What makes this even better is the "realism" skin pack and "Bettersounds" sound mods. Wow. The tank camo looks right. The zimmermit can actually be seen. The uniforms are accurate to units in theater at the time. Just rounds out the whole thing very well.

Well... I had something more substantive than those planned for this update, but it would appear that sleeplessness won out this time. CURSES!

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