May 02, 2009

Met a friend

Went out with Amanda and her awesome boyfriend Arthur, and met someone I know from at Definition Gallery in B-more today. We also went to some live performance arts/visual arts show at Seventh Baptist Church across from MICA. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of it, the artist for the web comic, "Girls with Slingshots" was supposed to be signing there. We had to leave unfortunately, but it was still well worth going there for the live performances.

Me with Kelly Futerer

Some of her stuff (KellyX/Kelly Futerer)




Her boyfriend was also in the show. He uses this cool signature varnish technique. I knew it was digital, but had trouble deciding whether it was a real painting or not.


Some of the other work in the gallery.


Kelly McKernan

Kelly McKernan

If you like what you see, you can view some more of it here. A great exhibit: Quantum Exhibit

Flickr links:

Definition Gallery

Woman's Art Forum Thing (should probably figure out what it's named)

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  1. Woven/Revenge of the SmartChicks/ Smartchicks, Inc. Maybe it's all three, I'm not sure. I'm following SmartChicks on Twitter now! Maybe we'll be able to go to another event like that. It would be awesome if they hosted something on a Tuesday or Wednesday so that Frank could come. We'll keep our fingers crossed. :)